Rib Out of Place and Difficulty Breathing

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Human Rib Cage Front View

Front View Source: Grays Anatomy 20th edition 1918

A very common issue that is not addressed are the ribs.  The ribs are connected to the vertebrae by a joint in the back and attach to the sternum by a joint in the front.  Issues come up when these  ribs get miss aligned in the back, front or both.  The ribs are supposed to move at each joint in the front and the back to allow the lungs to expand.  If one of these joints are compromised the lung is not able to expand as much and the end result is not getting a full breath.  This can lead anxiety and believing something is seriously wrong.  Rib issues can be be caused by many different things but usually its just normal day living and one of the joints gets compromised through over use.

Possible symptoms:

Difficulty breathing

Difficulty getting a full breath

Back pain and travels to the front


Chest pain almost like a heart attack

Pain while laughing/sneezing/coughing

Worse with any activity involving exercise/breathing


Chiropractic is very effective at removing rib miss alignments/subluxations.  Just like the spine, ribs are corrected in a similar way.  Usually just fixing the vertebral level where the rib is will fix the problem.